Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stop the Foreclosure: How?

Since the last posting, very little has come of the stories about bailout money being available to stop foreclosures. Loan modifications are obtainable, but, without patience and a knowledge of the process, the task is nearly insurmountable. What is worse is not just that the pace of foreclosures is increasing, but that the moritoriums are over and all of the borrowers who thought that a solution would be reached, before the sale date, are being rudely surprised.

The argument that the President Obama will institute programs that will be the lifesaver for which everyone is waiting has merit; but what do we do about all of those homeowners who lose their homes in the meantime? If you have any concern about a soon-to-happen foreclosure, please read the post of December 22, 2008, which deals with stopping the process.

If there is any question about whether a property will be sold at a foreclosure action, contact an attorney or a legal aid organization. If there is no time left, and if there is a sale tomorrow, file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. The Clerks at every Bankruptcy Court can help an individual file the basic documents to get the Bankruptcy started, thereby STOPPING the sale.

The offer is open and will remain so - contact me through my website or directly by e-mail and I will try to assist through a referral to an attorney, or by "walking you through" the filing process.
Author's Copyright by Richard I. Isacoff, Esq, January, 2009

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